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Why your client database is a goldmine

by Malavika Santhebennur12 minute read

Brokers should be mining their existing client base to generate leads in a cost-effective manner, marketing specialist Deena Janes says.

Speaking to The Adviser before the first-ever Lead Generation Bootcamp 2024, Your Client Matters managing director Deena Janes said she believes that organic lead generation is the most economical and effective route for brokers.

Those who implement an engagement and qualification process to identify opportunities in their existing client database could benefit significantly, she said.

“Some brokers have over 1,000 clients in their database but they’ll buy leads off lead generation companies,” Janes told The Adviser ahead of her session at the bootcamp on how brokers could generate leads organically.


Instead, Janes said that to qualify existing clients, brokers could send surveys containing a series of questions, including whether they are considering buying their first home, an investment property, downsizing or upsizing, or require help with securing finance for their purchase.

“Our area of specialisation in my company is to qualify existing leads and seek opportunities. The surveys are a good way to find out what’s going on in their lives and what their goals are over the next six to 12 months,” she said.

Janes encouraged brokers to implement a “trigger point marketing strategy” that prompts them to contact a large segment of their client base. The trigger points could encompass a particular event, time of the year, or family circumstances.

For example, hundreds of thousands of students begin school in January or February every year and, as such, their parents no longer have to pay childcare fees (which could cost tens of thousands of dollars a year).

“Your client might normally absorb this money. But if you know that they will be saving this money, you could write an article about how they could get ahead financially by directing this extra cash towards buying an investment property. You’ve triggered your clients to think differently about their finances,” Janes said.

Secondly, Janes urged brokers to find triggers that qualify them to contact their clients and discover their plans for the next six months.

For instance, their clients’ adult children could be considering buying their first property. Many parents may just recommend that their children apply for a loan with the same lender they have, but this might not suit their particular circumstances.

“The parents might not have thought about introducing their kids to a broker because it wouldn’t have occurred to them that their lender might not be right for their kids,” Janes said.

“However, a broker could spot these opportunities by surveying their existing clients to find out what’s going on in their lives.”

On the other hand, Janes warned brokers against sending purely educational material without including a call to action that prompts the lead to contact the broker.

“A lot of the marketing content out there just educates clients on how lenders mortgage insurance works, or the differences between variable and fixed rates. It’s just educational but there’s no education around why those leads need to call a broker,” Janes said.

“Also, this is not going to generate any leads because it only targets a tiny percentage of their database. The brokers don’t even ask leads to contact them if they’d like their loan reviewed.”

Conversely, content and surveys centred around trigger point marketing are more effective at pinpointing opportunities for clients to purchase a property and why they should contact their broker to take action, Janes said.

To hear more from Deena Janes about how to master organic lead generation and avoid some common mistakes, come along to the Lead Generation Bootcamp 2024.

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Malavika Santhebennur


Malavika Santhebennur is a content specialist at Momentum Media, focusing on mortgages and finance writing.

Before joining Momentum Media in 2019, Malavika held roles with Money Management and Benchmark Media, where she was writing about financial services.


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